Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Solidarity support


All Office bearers and the Secretaries General
of Constituent Organizations.

Dear Sir,

The Joint Council of Action of Income Tax Employees Federation (ITEF) and Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association (ITGOA) representing 97% of the entire work force of Income Tax Department has decided to organize series of agitational programme culminating in one day strike action on 8th October 2015. The Joint Circular issued by Income Tax Employees Federation and Income Tax Gazetted Officers Association is given below. All affiliated Organizations of Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organizations are requested to extend full support and solidarity to the One day strike on 8th October 2015. Resolutions may be sent to Finance Minister and Chairman CBDT, New Delhi.

Yours Fraternally,

Secretary General

A-2/95, Manishinath Bhawan, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi-110 027

Joint Convenors :
Rupak Sarkar                                                      Bhaskar Bhattacharya
08902198000                                                                   089-021-98888
itefcentral@gmail.com                               secgenitgoachq@gmail.com
No. N-1/2015-16                                                                                                 Dated: 30th September, 2015

                                The Secretary General,
                                Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers,
                                Confederation of Central Govt. Gazetted Officers’ Organisations,
                                New Delhi.

Dear Comrades,

The Joint Council of Action (JCA), the joint platform of movement comprising of the Income Tax Employees’ Federation and Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association representing 97% of the entire workforce in the Income Tax Department, embarked upon the path of agitation in the following 5(five) point Charter of Demands:

  1. Promotions in the cadre of ACIT, for all regular and CRC vacancies and upto the R.Y.2015-16, are to be given immediately. DPCs for R.Y. 2015-16 in all cadres by the respective Pr. CCsIT are to be conducted immediately.

  1. Provide Infrastructure facility to all Officers and Officials i.e. ample space with modern furniture, Computers with nodes, etc.

  1. Steps to be taken to fill up all vacant posts immediately to stop outsourcing of regular office work/data entry work.

  1. To regularise all Casual/Daily paid workers against MTS posts, who are completing 10 years as on date in our Department.

  1. Finalise and notify all Recruitment Rules of Group B & C officials immediately.

These very issues were discussed and pursued for months together with the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT). The deadlines were set innumerable times by the authority, even in the official meetings, to settle the issues but none of these were adhered to.

The Central JCA had finalized the 5(five) point Charter of Demand in its meeting dated 12-08-2015 and submitted it to the CBDT on 17-08-2015. In pursuance of the above-mentioned demands, the JCA launched a nation-wide agitation programme from 09-09-2015. The detail of the programme chalked-out by the JCA is as follows:

1.       Lunch-hour demonstration will be held on 09-09-2015 in all Pr. CCIT and other CCIT/CIT offices nation-wide and the Notice for a day’s Strike on 08-10-2015 will be served on the CBDT. Copy of the strike notice will be served by the state units to the Pr.CCsIT.

The non-cooperation movement will start from 09-09-2015 itself in the following manner:

i)                    Stoppage of work relating to widening of tax-base.
ii)                  No work relating to I & CI job like uploading of CIB data, disposal of verification cases, etc.
iii)                Artificial deadlines for completion of scrutiny assessments will not be adhered to.

2.      Black-flag Demonstration before the Chairperson and Members of CBDT on their visit in any office outside the North Block.

3.      Day-long Dharna in front of all Pr.CCIT and other CCIT/CIT offices on 15-09-2015.

4.      Nation-wide Press-conference to be convened on 23-09-2015.

5.      Half-day walk-out from 2.00 PM on 01-10-2015.

6.      Strike action on 8th October, Thursday, 2015.

It has also been decided to intensify the agitation after 08-10-2015 if any respectable settlement is not reached by then.

The members of JCA in all 18 regions of Income Tax all over India ensured a 100% participation in the programme of agitation.  

The Joint Council of Action (JCA) of the Income Tax Employees’ Federation and Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association requests the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers and the Confederation of Central Govt. Gazetted Officers’ Organisations and its affiliates to express solidarity to the Nation-wide Strike Action in the cause of the Income Tax employees and officers scheduled to be held on 08-10-2015.

 Thanking you,

Yours comradely,

                                                                          (Bhaskar Bhattacharya)          (Rupak Sarkar)
              Joint Convenors


  1. All the Income Tax offices throughout the country remained closed on Thursday, the 8th October, 2015 in response to a call for a one day strike, jointly issued by the Income Tax Employees Federation and the Income Tax Gazetted Officers’ Association. The two all India organizations, which represent about 97% of the workforce of the Income Tax Department is up in arms against the lackadaisical and partisan attitude of the Central Board of Direct Taxes, which administers the Income Tax Department. The strong feelings that has been generated amongst the employees and the officers at the middle management level is that the CBDT which is manned by the IRS officers exist only for the welfare of the directly recruited IRS personnel, who are in the top management and supervisory positions.
    Despite having large number of vacancies in various Group A cadres especially at the level of the Assistant Commissioners, no proposal has been sent to the Union Public Service Commission though the directive of the Department of personnel makes it incumbent upon the CBDT to notify the promotion vacancies in the recruitment year preceding the year in which the vacancies are expected to arise. While this be so, the requisite number of officers have already been directly recruited through the same UPSC, whereas the proposal for the promotion segment is held up. The non recruitment through promotion to this vital cadre has affected adversely the assessment functions of the Department and consequently the tax collection drive. The Finance Minister has made an ambitious statement in the floor of the Parliament for the direct tax collection to be Rs. 7.92 lakh crores this year. This is not only unlikely to reach but given the attitude of the CBDT would be far less than what the Department could collect in the last year.
    The denial of promotion at the level of Assistant commissioners has a cascading impact in as much as the promotion to the cadre down below are also held up. The recruitment rules, despite after a decade of the acceptance of the 6th CPC report and more than two years after the last cadre restructuring exercise are yet to be notified. The employees find it frustrating to note that they are being asked to do the job of higher post and cadre without effecting promotion simply because the recruitment rules are not notified. If there is no higher level of intervention, the next phase of the programme of action of JCA will jeopardize the collection of taxes irretrievably as the employees and officers might not take part in the vital survey and search operation in the coming months of the financial year besides organizing a strict work to rule programme.
    Due to the nugatory attitude of the Board, especially in the matter of recruitment of personnel through promotion, sizeable functions of the Department had to be outsourced in the last two to three years, which has impacted the quality of output immensely making it necessary for the regular employees to spend quite an amount of time to set right the mistakes and deficiencies, overburdening them beyond tolerable limit. There are number of employees recruited years back as daily rated workers with the promise of absorbing them. Despite the lapse of a decade, no steps are taken to regularize their services, whereas some of the Chief Commissioners have threatened them with retrenchment. The segment of employees recruited on daily rated basis, through contractors etc. has now reached a sizable number of the total sanctioned strength of the personnel in the department and more in certain lower level cadres. Those who are recruited through contractors or as daily rated workers remain with the Department for years together and as and when they raise their voice for regularization they are being threatened with termination notices, knowing fully well that these poor people cannot seek gainful employment elsewhere due to the age factor.

  2. A meeting of Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers Organisations (CCGGOO) delegation with DOP&T Secretary is scheduled to be held on 13th October 2015 (Tuesday) at 10.30 Hrs in North Block, New Delhi. Issues like grievance redressal mechanism to Gazetted Officers etc. may be discussed.

    A meeting of the National Council (JCM) Staff side with Joint Secretary, DOP&T, Joint Secretary (Pers.) Department of Expenditure and Joint Secretary, Ministry of Labour is scheduled to be held on Friday, the 9th October 2015 at 1500 hours in Room No.190, Conference Room, North Block, New Delhi, to discuss the issues raised in the Charter of Demands of 02/09/15 All India Strike which includes


    Ø Effect wage revision of the Central Government Employees from 01.01.2014 accepting memorandum of the staff side JCM; ensure 5-year wage revision in future; grant interim relief and merger of 100% of DA; Include Gramin Dak Sevaks within the ambit of 7th CPC. Settle all anomalies of 6th CPC.

    Ø Removal of all ceilings on payment and eligibility of bonus, provident fund; increase the quantum of gratuity.

    Ø Remove the ceiling on payment on bonus

    Ø Urgent measures for containing price-rise through universalisation of public distribution system and banning speculative trade in commodity market.

    Ø Containing unemployment through concrete measures for employment generation. No ban on creation of new posts. Fill up all vacant posts.

    Ø Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measure for violation for labour laws. Against Labour Law Amendments

    Ø No labour reforms which are inimical to the interest of the workers.

    Ø Universal social security cover for all

    Ø Scrap PFRDA Act and re-introduce the defined benefit statutory pension scheme. Assured enhanced pension not less than Rs. 3000/- P.M. for the entire working population.

    Ø Fix minimum wage with provisions of indexation.

    Ø Stoppage of disinvestment in Central/State PSUs. Stoppage of contractorisation in permanent perennial work and payment of same wage and benefits for contract workers as regular workers for same and similar work.

    Ø No outsourcing, contractorisation, privatization of governmental functions; withdraw the proposed move to close down the printing presses, the publications, form stores and stationery departments and medical stores Depots; regularize the existing daily-rated/casual and contract workers and absorption of trained apprentices.

    Ø Compulsory registration of Trade unions within a period of 45 days from the date of submitting applications; and immediate ratification of ILO Convention C 87 and C 98.

    Ø Revive the JCM functioning at all level as an effective negotiating forum for settlement of the demands of the Central Government Employees.

    Ø Against FDI in Railways, Insurance and Defence.

    Ø No Privatisation, PPP or FDI in Railways, Defence Establishment and no corporatisation of Postal services.

    Ø Remove arbitrary ceiling on compassionate appointment.

  3. Sub: Publication of information in websites-Assets of Govt. Employees & Officers in public domain

    Confederation of Central Government Gazetted Officers’ Organisations (CCGGOO) is scheduled to meet the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice on 14th October, 2015 at 3.15 PM in G-074, Parliament Library Building, New Delhi.

    The Lokpal and Lokayuktas and other related Law (Amendment) Bill, 2014 as introduced in the Lok Sabha on the 18th December, 2014 and pending therein, has been referred to the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievances, Law and Justice for examination and report.

    The Committee has decided to discuss with CCGGOO on the various provisions of the Bill and specifically on Section 44 of the Principal Act and Clause 6 of the Bill and therefore requested CCGGOO to present its views on Declaration of assets by every public servant.

    CCGGOO would like to discuss on the manner of publication of information relating to assets of public servants in public domain on the pretext of public interest.

    All these information, it would appear, would then be put up by the respective Ministries on their website accessible to everyone.

    In this regard the CCGGOO is of the opinion that while the Government may call for details of the assets and liabilities, presenting them on the website could prove harmful. A number of Government Officials fear allowing public access to such information would pose a security threat to them and their dependents, leave their children vulnerable to kidnapping and ransom demands. There are various sources the Government Employees would have accumulated wealth such as gift from parents, Grandparents property, self earning, wife side property, or children contribution etc.

    It is inconceivable that the Government would pave the way for such a risk to its own employees.

    Therefore CCGGOO is of the opinion that all such information should not be displayed on public domain.

    The views of all the Central Govt. Employees & Officers are solicited on the display of their assets in the public domain. You can send your views by email to ccggoo2002@gmail.com or through SMS / WhatsApp to 09445040751.