Friday, 28 July 2017

AIPOC Conference

Dear Sir, 

An effort is being initiated to unite all the Officers working in the Public Sector organizations and the Central Government Group 'B' Gazetted and Promotee officers and bring them all on a Single platform in order to save the public Sector organizations. 

You are aware how the present rulers have been deliberately attempting to do away with the very fundamental concept of Public Sector either by pushing  them up for sale or through dilution of the public stake, which is nothing but handing over the property of Common Man to vested interests. 
It is our prime duty to protect what belongs to the common man and ensure that our resources are not looted by private hands. 

Towards this objective, a larger forum is being formed by uniting the officers of the Public Sector Undertakings, Banks and the Central Government Group B Gazetted and Promotee officers

I am sure this move would,no doubt, find your favour.

A   one-day Conference on 5th August at Chennai will be held at  Com.K.Sitaram  Hall, SBOA Junior  College,  Anna  Nagar  West,  Chennai  from  10.00  am  to  6.00 pm. 

I humbly appeal to Constituent organizations of the CCGGOO to depute their members to this Conference and make the Conference a great success. 

S. Mohan.

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